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Education is Not the Same as Schooling

In the bush we know that and that paper based skills & knowledge don't always equate to the practical skills, knowledge and ethics needed to get the job done.

Mulga Training Network can help with online courses covering a multitude of skills and career areas.

You can try different types of courses to see what suits, no long term commitment, low and often no fees.

If you are thinking of a career in IT but not sure just what stream to choose,  we can help with that................more

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Helen Keller

You can handle the 'ute, the stock, the kids, the city cousins, the unexpected guests two days before the stores truck is due and more - in short you can manage most of life idiosyncrasies .........

....Managing the computer is not that different.. think Toddler Taming. Just figure out what outcomes you want


Outback People are ....

 - pretty good at just getting things done

 - used to being self-sufficient

 - self managed learners

 - not generally phased by new technology - they tend to figure out how to use the damn thing but will acknowledge that there is plenty more they'd like to know.....

Don the Builder - at 85 yrs of age, comes by once a year, to brush up on his tech skills.

School Students Here's Your Secret Weapon 

Mathematics and English are not easy for everyone. You can go from struggling to Top Gun in Maths and English.
Get online tutoring  away from prying eyes and peer pressure. You control the speed of the lesson being taught. Failure is not an option for this Mission! We won't let that happen.

Give it a go - confound your teachers, amaze your parents, and most importantly set yourself up for success in adult life.

Learners Log in Here . Username is MR61171
Password: is issued to you on enrolment.

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