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Just figure out what outcomes you want from the interaction and we"ll set up a course to suit..
Here's some ideas...
- Would you like to show your computer who is The Boss?
- Know a bit more than your kids do about computers?
- Know how to choose which computer is right for you?
- Know how to keep it running well
- Just learn computer basics -
Word, Excel, PowerPoint
- Learn how to repair your computer
- Build a website, edit graphics
- Surf the Web, send emails, or build a website

- Be self-reliant with Internet Security

- Writing a book, or like to? - learn to use Microsoft Word to turn out your manuscript in ebook format, or ready to print.

Father and daughter at computer
Anchor 1

Computers for Ringers - Just Getting on With The Job
You can handle the bike like a Dakar Rally Pro, and as for looking good in the saddle - well we hear you've been hat hunted by a talent scout to appear in a remake of 1001 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

(or was it the Saddle Club).
You're a wiz on the Barby and can sink a coldie faster than a falling star..but the computer - well that tosses you every time...

The gals from Mulga Training - Tracey, Marg..Get multi skilled!
We"ll also teach you how to maintain your computer so as to save that expensive trip to town when the cooling fins need cleaning - yep - cooling fins - on a PC?

When you give up on looking, better give the gals a call before your PC really gets "smokin' "!

Parent IT

ICT is big in education today.

Parents don't let IT bluff you!

Get comfortable with computers.
Learn what kids really can and cannot achieve by using computers.
A strong family has confident parents guiding kids.

Take charge of the kids computer education.

Teens -Learn to Fix Your Computer  (practice on your Mum's first) prerequisite: a sense of adventure, a toolkit, internet skills

Internet Self Defence - IT's Up To Me !

Absolutely essential for every family that has the high voltage combination of internet and teenagers

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