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It's Not Supposed To Do That!.....Is It?


Computer giving you grief ? As well as on and off site PC repair, we can

- sort out many problems over the telephone and by remote connection.

- teach you how to maintain your PC & how to be safe on the Internet

- teach you how to use the programs you rely on for work/study

 - teach you how to find the help you need online

 - give you the tools you need to help others with computer skills

 - give you sensible advice about purchasing hardware & software

-  give you an understanding of the questions you need to ask when  making decisions on IT equipment.

Pre-schooler "fixed" your PC? email gone "womba", teenager reconfigured your internet?

We Can Help With That!

We will sort it out!
At our place, at your place or by remote access.

We can teach you how to fix problems yourself,

or better still - how to avoid them altogether,

how to use your programs & more..
We Know Computers!

We've Been Out There a Fair While..

Since 1992 we've been traveling the outback taming, training and fixing computers.
In the early days we traveled by a motorbike with six laptops in a gear-sack and saddlebags on the rear; plus a kit of tools strapped to the petrol tank.
Publicly funded trainers were better resourced - they carried their laptops and tools in the back of a ute.

Not only the people have to be tough to survive out here.


Lost the printer, USB ports, spyware, pop-ups, computer going too slow?

We Can Help With That!

Like to write and publish a book?

We Can Help With That!

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